BID Focus for Year Three: Active Town Centre at Night

Use Purple Flag standards to investigate current situation

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Engages with NTE businesses to gain their input, sharing findings of research into attitudes towards Bognor Regis at night

  • Works collaboratively with all stakeholders, businesses and agencies to make Bognor Regis a safe and welcoming nice place to be at night (Sussex Police, ADC, WSCC, BRTC, Guardian Angels) 

  • Engages NTE businesses with BCRP (cross over with Welcoming Town Objective)

  • Initiates conversation with BRSFL for an extension to seafront illuminations (cross over with Well Known Town Objective)

Events beneficial to the Night Time Economy

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Delivers events that focus on installations, rather than performances

  • Allocates a budget to support effective existing events beneficial to the NTE, ie: the annual Illuminations Gala

  • Engages with NTE businesses, bringing to their attention scheduled events that could be beneficial to their businesses, and encourage creation of special offers and tie ins

Establish better engagement with Night Time Economy businesses - targeted interaction 

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Refreshes contact data for NTE businesses

  • Arranges initial one to one meetings, leading to group meeting / networking subject to feedback on what they want and can do

Create specific marketing campaign promoting Bognor Regis' Night Time Economy

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Tasks its Marketing partner to create a specific marketing campaign for NTE

  • Allocates a budget of £1,500 for the campaign, plus skills and time of BID Team to promote via social media channels and the press