BID Focus for Year Three: Member Services

Member Services

Increase engagement with businesses

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Works with its Marketing partner to establish a clear digital communications strategy

  • Carries out a comprehensive data collection campaign

  • Replaces printed newsletters with a monthly newspaper feature (Bognor Regis Post)

  • Officially launches the BID’s website and continues to update site frequently

  • Investigates the effectiveness of current email campaign provider and consider alternatives

  • Considers reintroduction of networking opportunities, e.g.: “The BID Breakfast” , subject to business demand

Member Services

Provide businesses with information, advice and support on direct cost savings

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Identifies and advises businesses about eligibility for business rates relief

  • Invites companies (e.g. Eyebright) to work with businesses to identify savings on utilities costs

  • Advises businesses of any relevant funding pots available, e.g. LEAP / Shop Front Grants / Environmental

Member Services

Actively promote BID independent businesses

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Creates an ‘Indies’ media campaign, separate from the BID’s logo’d channels, created and managed by the BID Admin & Events Assistant

  • Continues to promote businesses’ special offers, news and promotions on BID social media

  • Considers diverting retainer for static business listings on Love Bognor Regis, where businesses can opt in for a relatively low rate to continue to advertise through that channel

Member Services

Develop training tools for businesses

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Engages with businesses to identify the specific areas they want support / training

  • As a result of business feedback, curates online resources / top tips / videos

  • As a result of business feedback, Invites external consultants / specialists to deliver specific training

  • Highlights training opportunities available locally through its social media channels and website 

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