BID Focus for Year Three: Parking

Improve signage at Fitzleet Car Park

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Continues its work with ADC Estates to encourage improved signage to increase use of  Fitzleet car park

  • Allocates a budget to improve the signage on side road by minimising text and increasing use of symbols (this may not be required under the infrastructure works being carried out by ADC and its contractors this year.)

  • Investigate use of LED strip lights as part of Zone development to highlight location of Fitzleet car park more (cross over with Well Known Town Objective)

Fine tune parking discs ordering process 

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Continues to investigate system enabling integration of online ordering through the BID website with Xero accounting software

  • In response to feedback, identifies safe way for businesses to pay with cash that does not put BID Team at risk

Initiate car parking disc preparation in Spring 2020

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Confirms sponsors and other stakeholder commitment by 1st April 2020 for 2021 discs

  • Starts discussions with printer in mid April

  • Invites businesses to submit Special Offers for inclusion in voucher book by 1st October 2020

  • Arranges for delivery of discs and voucher books to BID office no later than 30th October 2020

  • Distributes to businesses by 20th November 2020, with earliest sale date 28th November 2020 (Lights Switch On Event) (Subject to agreement from ADC Parking)