BID Focus for Year Three: Welcoming Town

Establish and enhance Zones

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Allocates a budget to invest in the visual enhancement of each of the eight geographic “zones”

  • Creates a memorable, visual improvement in appearance in each zone through the introduction of public art, colour and use of additional planting

  • Works collaboratively and positively with stakeholders to prioritise improvements to their commercial and residential properties

  • Accesses funding available through partners and other bodies, such as The Arts Council

  • Works closely with community businesses, groups and local artists to ensure the wider community comes with us on the journey

  • Appoints an independent expert to advise on best practice at the start (max £1,000)

  • Prepares for the fact that some people in the community will hate every single thing we do in CAPITAL LETTERS, that others will really like it but kept quiet, and that some won't even notice as they'll be looking at their phones


  • 1. Station Road and (Upper) London Road

  • 2. Queensway

  • 3. Heritage Quarter

  • 4. High Street East

  • 5. Bedford Street

  • 6. London Road /High Street

  • 7. The Arcade

  • 8. The Esplanade

Increase BCRP membership

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Develops presentation / information pack to encourage greater engagement with Licenced premises and other NTE businesses

  • Continues with the current staffing arrangements for the BCRP Manager as long as this is mutually agreeable

  • Allocates a budget of £5000 for special Business Crime Reduction initiatives throughout the year (following approved spending protocols)

  • BCRP Manager works with the BID Co-Ordinator to identify key crime reduction infrastructure for inclusion in funding bid through JAG 

Alleygating Scheme

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Continues to work with private landowners and all those with access rights to install alleygating at the London Road passageway

  • Works with private landowners and all those with access rights to explore the practicalities of installing alleygating between Bonmarche and the William Hardwicke pub

  • Allocates a budget of £3,000 towards the cost / shortfall in funding from JAG application