BID Focus for Year Three: Well Known Town

Well Known Town

Develop a Strategic Events Programme

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Leads two BIG events per annum, which can be ticketed

  • Focuses on one “event” at Christmas, another at Directors’ discretion

  • Focuses on infrastructure and sensory experiences that can be visited and enjoyed over longer periods

  • Focuses on infrastructure and experiences that benefit the Night Time Economy, such as light installations

  • Focuses on infrastructure and experiences that equally benefit streets with no performance licences

  • Focuses on infrastructure and experiences that are not weather dependant

  • Develops and delivers unique events that attract media attention and aren’t replicated locally

  • BID supports existing events financially: helping the organisers develop their events, and ensure businesses benefit from increased footfall

  • Continues in its efforts to re-purpose top two floors of Fitzleet Car Park into something fabulous!

Well Known Town

Develop and promote General Market

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Continues to encourage new traders to add variety and expand the range of stalls

  • Continues to work in the best interests of our BID businesses, balanced with the need to develop market

  • Continues to offer BID businesses the opportunity to deliver from the market, so they benefit from the footfall and can signpost customers to their established locations

  • Invests in specific promotion campaigns: banners, develops the Facebook page, places adverts in coach magazines, uses poster sites to promote the general market 

  • Continues with scheduled Thursday and Saturday Markets: Saturdays all year, and Thursdays 1 March – End December 

Well Known Town

Actively engage with 'Promotion /Tourism Forum'

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Allocates a representative to sit on any collaborative forum or working party to take the new branding and narrative forward

  • Allocates appropriate levels of funding, once there has been thorough consultation

  • Actively and visibly supports the proposed promotional campaign and narrative

  • Integrates appropriate elements of the proposed narrative, colour schemes, key words, images into our own endeavours

Well Known Town

Make innovative use of vacant units

We propose that the BR BID:

  • Works with ADC / BRTC to explore feasibility of an exhibition and workshop space within the town centre

  • Works with landlords and agents to ‘dress’ empty shops with window displays and property information for potential new businesses

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