Coronavirus: Guidance for Business Adaptation

Information as at: Monday 30th March 2020

This is an extraordinary time for all businesses, which, following Government advice, is dramatically affecting people’s daily routines, resulting in changes to the number of face to face visits to our town centre.  The most recent information is to stay at home. Only essential businesses can remain open to the public.  

However, online retail, takeaways and deliveries can continue to operate.  This means that there may still be opportunities for your business to adapt in order to continue operations. 

The following ideas are merely suggestions for different approaches you could take to keep your business operational during the pandemic.  Everything proposed here is on the assumption that you are already taking all precautionary measures with your business’s cleaning regime and your responsibility to monitor and follow guidance for you and your employees’ health.

  • Remind the community that your business is operational by sending positive messages through social media

  • Maintain contact with your customers through email and social media.

  • Look into options to take your product to your customers, but only if you are following all government advice about self isolating, social distancing, and can ensure a contactless delivery to protect you and your customers.

  • If you’re a takeaway food and drink outlet, could you get set up with one of the delivery services such as Deliveroo?  

  • Previous legislation covering planning use to offer takeaway services has been relaxed.

  • If you’re a restaurant or café, can you temporarily adapt your menu to offer a “taste of” – it won’t be the full experience, but it could be a way to maintain existing customers and perhaps engage with new ones.

  • If you’re a retail business, can you take telephone or email orders that can be delivered to your local customers?