Coronavirus: Information for BID Businesses

Information as at: Monday 30th March 2020

The Government's latest guidance essentially tells people to stay at home. Only "essential" retailers are allowed to stay open to customers, with severe restrictions on reasons for leaving the home and interacting with other people.  The best we can  support you is by providing you with as much practical information as we can to help you and your business through what is completely unknown territory for everyone.  

The BID's information has been divided into four sections: 


We will update these pages as soon as new information is released, with updates flagged through the BID’s Social Media pages.

The direct source for information from central government is:

Now is the time to get a clear view of where your business stands, and take any action open to you. 

  • Take a realistic look at your business’s financial situation so you know where you stand - there's a downloadable spreadsheet for you to use as a starting point on the COVID19 Resources Page

  • If you have any kind of tax bill looming – call the HMRC helpline to see what support they can give in terms of structured payments or delaying any action against your business

  • Talk to your landlord about rent and service charges– don’t withhold payments without a discussion

  • Talk to your creditors – don’t withhold payments without a discussion

  • Talk to your bank – see what support they’re offering

  • Visit the government's website for businesses, which outlines the support available in a clear way

  • Consider the implications of a loan of up to £5m for your business through the British Business Bank, accessed through high street banks

Please know that we are here to support you in whatever way we can.  Let us know how we can best help you.

To contact a member of the BID Team, you can:


Telephone:  07917 692690