Covid-19 Recovery Phase

The BID has proactively been supporting businesses throughout the Corona virus pandemic, and will continue to monitor Government information to make sure businesses receive the latest guidance. You can access all of the Covid-19 information through the newsletters posted on our blog on the home page of this website. To stay updated on the Government advice, please visit:


During lock-down, the BID set up an 'online high street' for Bognor Regis to help you stay connected with your customers. If you haven't already, follow this link for full details and get listed now.

Roadmap Graphic - English

Roadmap Graphic - English.png

Roadmap Graphic - Turkish

Roadmap Graphic - Turkish.png

Roadmap Graphic - Polish

Roadmap Graphic - Polish.png

Roadmap Graphic - Portuguese

Roadmap Graphic - Portuguese.png