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Fiver Fest 2021:  12th - 26th June
We're thrilled to be joining forces with Totally Locally again for their Fiver Fest 2021 campaign.  All we need now is YOUR participation and enthusiasm to make this event a success for Bognor Regis!!  If you didn’t take part in the last campaign, here’s a bit of background:
What is Fiver Fest?

Fiver Fest is a National event for all independent retailers in Bognor Regis, running for two weeks from 12th – 26th June.  It was created by an organisation called “Totally Locally”.

The idea of the two week campaign grew from the (now famous) Totally Locally message showing the huge impact people spending  £5 per week in local independent shops can have on our High Streets.

The Totally Locally £5 message has captured the imagination of so many people, and makes it easy for people to say “I’m going to spend my £5 to support my High Street”.  It also shows that your business appreciates and values your customers by putting together a great offer for them.
Who can take part in Fiver Fest?

Fiver Fest is strictly for independent businesses (no large chains, franchises, national charities etc).  The general rule is that if you have to check with head-office first, Fiver Fest is not for you! Chains and franchises often have the benefit of national marketing campaigns, and Fiver Fest is designed to help the ‘little guys’.

It’s not just for retailers!  Non-retail businesses, such as fitness studios, financial companies, hairdressers etc can still take part – perhaps by offering introductory services or one off classes to get new clients on board.
How you can get the most out of Fiver Fest for your business:


1. Create an irresistible £5 offer!

For potential customers, Fiver Fest is all about getting great bargains for a fiver!  Your offer should therefore reflect that - don’t use discounts e.g. £5 or 5% off. Once you have your offer - email before Sunday 6th June. 
Offers should be something with a £5 spend to tie in with the £5 message - something discounted from a usual price of at least £7/8, but the bigger the discount the better!
Whichever sector you’re in, make the offer really good – not just an opportunity to shift old stock.  You’ll find some great examples of offers that work, as well as further information at:


2. Get engaged

• Harness the Fiver Fest campaign to promote your business – it’s designed to be a shop window for your business and community so get involved! It’s all about getting locals through your doors to show them what you do and sell.
• Encourage your local community to support your shop/high street, encourage and post feedback from shoppers.
• Use your social media account for your town, use it to repost or share local £5 offers. It would also be great if local businesses shared each other’s offers – locals love it when businesses recommend each other!
• Be creative on social media – use images, videos, humour and personality in your posts to help more people see and engage with your Fiver Fest content. Post a lovely smiley picture of you with your offer poster and products that are included. If you’re camera-shy, post a photo of just your offer and/or poster, that’s fine too!
Always tag your online posts with the 
#fiverfestbognorregis #fiverfest and #totallylocally hashtags


3. Be a shiny positive beacon of light for the town centre

• If we can’t say positive things about our town centre, why would anyone want to come here?  Please don’t post anything negative, rude or unkind about other businesses, high streets or the campaign. We know you wouldn’t, but we have to say it.
• Please don’t use offensive or inappropriate language or imagery when using #FiverFest – just like your high street, keep it clean people.

What the BID will be doing:

Clair is working with Totally Locally to sign Bognor Regis up to the Fiver Fest campaign, and will be your point of contact throughout the initiative. If you have any queries, concerns, issues printing or using social media, or coming up with a fiver offer, just drop her an email and she'll be happy to assist!

Bognor Regis-specific posters will be ready for your business to use to promote your offers very soon, and that’s when we’ll start to ‘shout’ about Fiver Fest. 
In the build-up to the launch of the Fiver Fest fortnight, Clair will be collating all sign-ups and offers from local businesses, creating a directory and interactive map on the BID website for you and members of the public to use to find out who’s ‘in’ and what their offer is. 
The ‘second phase’ of Fiver Fest, which we can all get involved with is promoting the campaign to Bognor Regis and our local community who are invested in your success! Our community is becoming more aligned to shopping locally and supporting its high street, and during the Fiver Fest fortnight we will be speaking directly to them.

The BID will be liking, sharing and tagging businesses taking part throughout the campaign via Facebook and Instagram – as well as tagging Totally Locally in to gain further exposure for the town through their social media platforms.

The BID will set up a Facebook Event for the Fiver Fest fortnight - to help cast the net as far as possible, we would encourage you to share this event with your digital community, whether that be on your own social media platforms, or in Facebook Groups or Forums.  Along with any other promotional posts the BID shares. 

If you have any queries about Fiver Fest, please feel free to reach out to Clair at / 01243 826354.

Find out who's taking part, and what their fiver offers are click here!