Two Hour Free Parking Discs 2021

Parking Discs 2021 - Initial Expression of Interest

The BID is delighted to be working with Arun District Council and Bognor Regis Town Council to offer the fantastic “Two Hour Free Parking Disc” scheme throughout 2021.


The BID is now organising the print run of 30,000 discs and, following the success of this year, we’ll be giving you another opportunity to attract footfall into your business through the voucher book.


How to get involved:


  • Sell the DISC from your store or business


Distributing businesses purchase the discs from the BID at £1.60 (£1.33 +VAT) each, and retail at face value of £2.00 (£1.67 + VAT) each.


You can buy discs from the BID throughout the year in batches of 50, 100 or 300 (£80, £160 and £480 respectively). 


We’ll give you a poster to display in your window showing that you sell the discs, and your business’s details will be included on all parking disc information sites around the town and online.


If you sign up to become a distributor, we’ll send you further details of how to order and pay, and collection arrangements for 2021.



  • Publish a special offer in the voucher book


The voucher booklet is handed out with every parking disc sold – which means your offer reaches an audience of around 30,000 potential customers.


Your offer can be for anything that best suits your business- this year’s examples include percentage discounts, free items when bought with other purchases, or fixed price reductions on specific items. 


Your offer must be one that you’re happy to run for the whole 12 months of the parking disc.  We set a blanket condition that your parking disc offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer, but you can also add exemptions and restrictions that work for your business – such as times it applies during the day, specific months that are excluded, stock items and services that aren’t included.

We'll use the text you include in the form below to create your voucher, so please make sure it shows all the relevant details.  



If you have any questions, please email or call on 01243 826354.