What types of businesses will work best at POP!?

The POP! unit is insured as a “pop up shop”, so within that definition, people retail, exhibit, and share information.  POP! is going to work best for traders and artists that make and sell things, and for local organisations and community groups that want to raise awareness of what they do.  Because it’s an open plan space, it will also work well for service providers that can support people or businesses with information that doesn’t need to be discussed or delivered in private or require any physical treatments.  

What types of businesses WON’T work at POP?

The POP! unit is open plan, so it’s not going to be suitable for businesses that need a private space.  The sale of pre-prepared cold foods is great – so long as you’re complying with all the necessary regulations and have everything required to store, display and pack the food safely, but we can’t offer facilities to prepare, cook, store or serve food within the unit.

While we’re keen to raise the profile of local CICs and charities, we won’t be accepting applications from national charities or companies that are looking to gain sign ups or donations – facilities and processes already exist for this kind of activity.  

Do I have to be a Bognor Regis business?

POP! has two main aims – the first is to encourage new Bognor Regis start-ups, entrepreneurs, makers, artists and organisations to explore “bricks and mortar” options and gain a realistic understanding of what this entails in terms of cost and responsibilities.  The second is to highlight Bognor Regis Town Centre as a great place to do business in and encourage more businesses to start up here!

So, with those aims in mind, we welcome applications from within and outside of Bognor Regis.  There will be times when POP! is reserved for specific themed weeks, such as “local food providers” or “vintage”, in which case we’ll prioritise applications that most closely match the themes.



How much does it cost?

Each pod (or pod) costs £130 per week, which is equivalent to less than £20 per day. 

No VAT is charged on the booking.


How did you calculate the weekly rates?

We want you to have a realistic experience of the responsibilities of taking on a commercial unit, so the costs for each of the POP! Pods has been calculated as a percentage of the total costs for the property.  This includes a proportion of the actual rent, service charges, business rates, water in and out, electricity, internet, and insurance costs, plus a contribution towards cleaning.  There’s also a one-off fee of £20 per booking to cover the administration tasks required to issue the licence, and for the promotion you’ll get through the POP! Marketing channels.  


Are there any discounts?

POP! is a commercial venture, and the weekly rates have been calculated based on the actual costs of the unit and all services.  We’re providing a realistic experience of bricks and mortar retailing so – just like a long-term lease - there’s no discount for booking more than one pod, or for the length of stay.

Are there any grants available to use the POP! unit?

The BID is supporting BID Levy paying businesses by funding one week’s use of the market barrow to promote their existing businesses.    Beyond that, you may be able to approach other agencies for support in booking a pod, but no specific grants have been publicised at the time of writing. 



When do I need to pay for my booking?

Once you’ve made your booking, you’ll need to pay for the first week of your booking to secure the place.

If you cancel with more than two weeks’ notice of the start date, your first week’s payment will be refunded.  

If you cancel with less than two weeks’ notice of the start date, your first week’s payment will NOT be refunded, unless there are medical grounds that can be evidenced. 

For stays that are longer than one week, we follow the same pattern – you pay one week up front.  


Why can’t I be refunded? 

Once you make a booking, we start the process of promoting your business or group being at POP!  at the date you’ve booked.  If you cancel at short notice, we have to change all of that collateral and start advertising the availability of the pod again.  



How long can I book a unit for?

The minimum booking for pods is one week, the maximum booking is three months.  

All weekly bookings start on a Tuesday morning and run to the following Monday afternoon.  

Why does the POP! booking week start on a Tuesday, rather than a Monday or Friday?

Starting the weekly bookings on a Tuesday means that the BID Team are around to help in person in the early part of your week, and you have the full run of days to experience fluctuations in footfall.  It also means that bookings falling over a bank holiday weekend aren’t broken up with a change in bookings.


What documents do I need to produce or sign?

Before booking at POP! we’ll need to see evidence of £5m Public Liability Insurance cover for you, your group or organisation.  If you are selling specialist items with additional requirements, such as food and drink or electrical items, we’ll need to see evidence of compliance with those requirements.  

Once you’ve provided all of the necessary documents, you’ll sign a licence agreement for the period you’ve booked to be at POP! You won’t be a tenant of the property, and if you want to extend your stay (up to a maximum of three months), or take on another space, you’ll enter into new licence arrangements.

Can I book POP! for a day or a weekend?

In short, no you can’t! The idea behind POP! is to give people a realistic taste of operating from a fixed location.  To experience that fully, you need to be in situ for at least one week, seeing how footfall is affected by the day of the week, time of day, type of weather etc. 

POP! isn’t a staffed outlet, so you will need to be on site to take sales and talk to customers.  It’s not really in the spirit of POP!, but if you really can’t be there in person for a whole week, then you’ll still need to dress your pod and provide means for people to make contact with you and your business for the period of your booking,  There won’t be any discounts for this, and any stock you choose to leave unsupervised is at your risk.

Can I “share” my booking?

Yes – you are welcome to collaborate with others to “share” a pod during the week, as long as what you’re all selling is along similar lines.  So, for example, we’d really love to see a collective group of photographers sharing their images and taking turns to staff the pod but wouldn’t want to see a pod used for someone selling cheese one day shared with someone selling home-made socks the next! Make sure you talk it through with us from the outset, so we all understand what the plan is.  We’ll need someone to act as the “Lead Booker”, and that person must take full responsibility for the key, communicating all information to the rest of the group, public liability insurance and payment.


How many pods can I book?

Subject to availability, you can book as many pods as you like, so long as it’s for the minimum one-week period.  As all pods have been costed against an accurate annual rate, there is no discount for booking more than one pod, or for length of stay.

We’d love to see “POP! Takeovers” where arts groups, clubs or themed sellers take over the entire unit for a week.  This would be a great opportunity to showcase locally made food and drink, arts, crafts, photography, Community Interest Groups and organisations showcase what they do.  We’ll be setting some weeks aside in the diary in advance for “themed weeks” - like food and drink, and Chritsmas crafts – and promoting ways to get involved through our web pages and social media.



What does my booking include?

Your booking at POP! includes:

  • WC and handwashing facilities for bookers (not general public)

  • Shared kitchenette with small fridge, kettle, tea, milk, coffee for bookers’ use (not food preparation for sale)

  • All electricity 

  • Internet connection

  • Rubbish disposal (general waste and recycling)

What equipment does a pod come with?

Each POP! pod comes equipped with a range of display items to get you started:

  • 9 x 30cm x 30cm shelves 

  • 20 x 20cm hanging hooks 

  • 10 x picture hooks

  • 1 x 90cm wide clothing rail 

  • 1 x 183cm x 76cm table  

  • I x large under table storage box

  • 1 x 51cm x 41cm picture frame


What do I need to bring?

Everything you’ll need to accept payments, i.e., cash, receipt book, card reader. You’ll be able to connect to POP!’s WiFi.

We want POP! to look great, so if you’re going to be using the table for display purposes, you must supply a full table covering that goes down to the floor.

You’ll also need to bring any additional display equipment you think you’ll need on top of that provided in each pod.    



What are the opening times at POP!?

The POP! unit will be open to the public between 10am and 4pm, every day of the week, including Sundays and bank holidays.  

While you must commit to being at your pod between 10am and 4pm when the doors are open to the public, you can come in any time from 8:45am to 4.45pm to set up and clear away.  



Is there parking at POP?

The entrance to the POP! Unit faces onto Belmont Street, where parking is restricted to Blue Badge Holders.  No parking is provided as part of the booking, so you’ll need to make your own arrangements for any vehicles you bring to site, including for loading and unloading and parking throughout the day. The closest public car parking is at The Regis Centre car park.



Absolutely!  Your allocated pod is entirely yours for the duration of your booking, so there’s no need to dismantle it at the end of each day.

The terms and conditions you’ll agree to state that you’ll keep your pod area clean and tidy, and we’ll provide additional cleaning of the unit as a whole.  

The unit is secure, with an alarm, motion sensors and external CCTV coverage.



How else will you support me?

You’ll get loads of practical help and support in the run up to and during your POP! booking.  The unit is managed by the Bognor Regis BID’s Ambassador, Caroline. Caroline has an extensive background in retail, and will be on hand during the set up process, and at intervals during the day to help and advise on practical matters such as display, measuring and recording sales, and keeping up to date with retail trends.  

The BID Team will also help by signposting you to the huge range of fully funded training opportunities available locally and online, and grants you may be able to access to you grow or develop your business idea.

Furthermore, we’ll promote your time at POP! through the visual calendar on the POP! web page, social media channels and in the unit’s window displays and.  We’ll give you tips on how to promote your business or activity through your own social media channels and by linking in to supportive arts and indie business networks.