Objective Two: Welcoming Town

A welcoming town centre that feels safe with low crime and anti-social behaviour and is clean and well-maintained is a key priority for businesses, shoppers and visitors to ensure customers want to return, and businesses want to locate in Bognor Regis. 

What is the BR BID doing about this?


Community Warden

One of the BID’s priorities was to appoint a full-time Community Warden service for Bognor Regis.  This is in addition to the rota of Wardens funded by the Southern Co-Op.  The annual cost of the Warden is generously supported by Bognor Regis Town Council.

The Community Warden has proven to be an effective addition to the Bognor Regis BID Area, as their uniformed presence acts as a deterrent to offenders, is a direct point of call for businesses and provides essential information for the Police and other agencies.

Business Crime Reduction Partnership

In less than twelve months, the BID established a fully operational Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), which is now fully accredited. The BCRP is a formal structure that includes a range of business crime reduction initiatives, including the DISC App for recording and reporting incidents, the Shop Radio scheme and the Exclusion scheme.  This structure ensures that the BID’s BCRP is well organised, operates within clear guidelines, and does not breach data protection laws in the way we collect, store and share sensitive information about individuals.


You’ll find specific BCRP information by following this link.

Cleanliness and maintenance

The BID works closely with public and private stakeholders to improve the standards of cleaning and maintenance in the town centre, over and above what is currently being provided.

The BID continues to focus on specific problem areas where cleanliness and anti-social behaviour is an issue, working with landlords, business and residential tenants and other stakeholders on an “alley-gating” scheme. 

The BID continues to represent business concerns and find workable solutions in a range of forums including the Joint Arun Action Group, the Bognor Regis Local Action Team, and through its direct relationships with the Police through the Business Crime Reduction Partnership.  In its first year, the BID initiated and facilitated a multi-agency meeting with nine different departments and agencies represented to address issues of rough sleeping and concerns about Anti-Social Behaviour.