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BID Focus for Year Four: Member Services

Increase engagement with businesses 

BR BID will:

• Continue to deliver high quality comms through electronic channels, including emails, social media channels, website and quarterly e-newsletter.


• Explore ways to increase in-person (where possible) interactions with businesses

• Consult businesses for appetite for networking opportunities, e.g.: “The BID Breakfast”

Continue to provide businesses with info, advice and support on direct cost savings

BR BID will:

• Continue to signpost businesses to all applicable Covid grants and reliefs

• Invite businesses to work with companies to identify savings on utilities costs (B/F from 2020)

• Continue to inform businesses about available funding pots e.g. LEAP / Shop Front Grants / Environmental

Work with stakeholders to curate and deliver accessible training tools and opportunities

BR BID will:

• Engage with businesses to identify the specific areas they want support / training

• As a result of business feedback, work with partners to curate online resources / top tips / videos

• Highlight training opportunities available locally through its social media channels and website

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