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BR BID Delivery Commitments 2023-2024

Throughout the five years of our second term, we need to be smart about where we target our efforts to get the biggest impact for ALL BID levy paying businesses within the limits of the budgets. To do that, we need to make sure that all BID activity is both tightly focused in business priorities and delivers best practice strategies for town centre transformation.

This isn't a finite list, rather a commitment to what we will deliver every year. There's still flexibility to take on new opportunities as they arise, so long as they are: underlined by the Town Values, environmentally sustainable, support delivery of business' priority objectives, have the support of levy payers represented by the BID Board of Directors, can be achieved with budget, and can be incorporated within the BID Team's workload. 

How the BID decides which new projects to deliver. Link to decision making chart.


Objective One: Well Known Town

  • 1 x BID delivered event per annum, (TBC) including all engagement opportunities and promotion 

  • Support & funding for high-quality third-party events which significantly increase footfall to the BID Area (eg: Southdowns Music Festival, BRTC Lights Switch On)

  • 365 Delivery of the Love Bognor Regis destination website and associated social media channels

  • Management and development of the Bognor Regis General Market, plus speciality markets (subject to commercial interest)

  • UKSPF Funded: Initiate 24 month perception campaign, with potential for Bognor Regis app

  • UKSPF Funded: Initiate installation of 3 x footfall attracting “Insta” sites at key locations

  • UKSPF Funded: Support development of wayfaring design with businesses and community

  • Ongoing partnership working to ensure delivery of a “big” destination event for Bognor Regis, launching 2025


Objective Two: Welcoming Town

  • In-person support and engagement, plus ongoing provision of the tools needed to share business crime information through a data compliant platform, at no extra charge to levy paying businesses 

  • Ongoing provision of 7/7 Community Warden with financial support from BRTC and SSF4

  • Funding the ongoing maintenance and monitoring costs for enhanced CCTV provision, plus delivery of service 

  • Funding the ongoing maintenance, electrical and insurance costs for the festoon lighting at York Road, Old Town, Station Square, and Bedford Street 

  • UKSPF Funded (subject to successful application): New lighting installation at West Street, plus enhanced technology to enable extended 365 seafront lighting

  • UKSPF Funded:  Introduction of 8 x belly bins

  • Design, production & installation costs for 1 x seasonal banner change: London Road & High Street, plus new installations where possible 

  • Professional fully funded graffiti removal service for levy paying business premises 

  • Continue to part fund and fully manage all aspects of the design, production, storage and distribution of the Two Hour Parking Disc scheme – subject to partnership agreements


Objective Three: Transforming Town

  • Continue strategic partnership working between all stakeholder groups and agencies

  • Supporting the delivery of businesses’ strategic priorities for the town : safety, tourism, appearance, perceptions.

  • Progressing effective delivery of the Town Values for Bognor Regis

  • Ongoing provision of Springboard footfall counter, plus monthly analysis and reporting to businesses

  • Ongoing monitoring, analysis and reporting of occupancy rates and use types to compare Bognor Regis’s performance against national trends 

  • Ongoing analysis and interpretation of town centre data against comparative benchmarks and national trends


Objective Four: Empowering Businesses

  • Helping businesses develop by signposting to training, support, cost savings and grants 

  • Encouraging businesses to grow through networking opportunities, working in collaboration with other B2B providers to eliminate duplication and maximise the benefits businesses gain through engagement 

  • Improving engagement between levy paying businesses and the BID, encouraging greater direct involvement in BID project development

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