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Objective One: Well Known Town

  • 1 x BID delivered event per annum, (TBC) including all engagement opportunities and promotion 

  • Support & funding for high-quality third-party events which significantly increase footfall to the BID Area (eg: Southdowns Music Festival, BRTC Lights Switch On)

  • 365 Delivery of the Love Bognor Regis destination website and associated social media channels

  • Management and development of the Bognor Regis General Market, plus speciality markets (subject to commercial interest)

  • UKSPF Funded: Initiate 24 month perception campaign, with potential for Bognor Regis app

  • UKSPF Funded: Initiate installation of 3 x footfall attracting “Insta” sites at key locations

  • UKSPF Funded: Support development of wayfaring design with businesses and community

  • Ongoing partnership working to ensure delivery of a “big” destination event for Bognor Regis, launching 2025

Objective Two: Welcoming Town

  • In-person support and engagement, plus ongoing provision of the tools needed to share business crime information through a data compliant platform, at no extra charge to levy paying businesses 

  • Ongoing provision of 7/7 Community Warden with financial support from BRTC and SSF4

  • Funding the ongoing maintenance and monitoring costs for enhanced CCTV provision, plus delivery of service 

  • Funding the ongoing maintenance, electrical and insurance costs for the festoon lighting at York Road, Old Town, Station Square, and Bedford Street 

  • UKSPF Funded (subject to successful application): New lighting installation at West Street, plus enhanced technology to enable extended 365 seafront lighting

  • UKSPF Funded:  Introduction of 8 x belly bins

  • Design, production & installation costs for 1 x seasonal banner change: London Road & High Street, plus new installations where possible 

  • Professional fully funded graffiti removal service for levy paying business premises 

  • Continue to part fund and fully manage all aspects of the design, production, storage and distribution of the Two Hour Parking Disc scheme – subject to partnership agreements

Objective Three: Transforming Town

  • Continue strategic partnership working between all stakeholder groups and agencies

  • Supporting the delivery of businesses’ strategic priorities for the town : safety, tourism, appearance, perceptions.

  • Progressing effective delivery of the Town Values for Bognor Regis

  • Ongoing provision of Springboard footfall counter, plus monthly analysis and reporting to businesses

  • Ongoing monitoring, analysis and reporting of occupancy rates and use types to compare Bognor Regis’s performance against national trends 

  • Ongoing analysis and interpretation of town centre data against comparative benchmarks and national trends

Objective Four: Empowering Businesses

  • Helping businesses develop by signposting to training, support, cost savings and grants 

  • Encouraging businesses to grow through networking opportunities, working in collaboration with other B2B providers to eliminate duplication and maximise the benefits businesses gain through engagement 

  • Improving engagement between levy paying businesses and the BID, encouraging greater direct involvement in BID project development

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