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There are many different ways for levy paying businesses to feed back your ideas, requests and opinions to the Bognor Regis BID:


The BID Team works from The Track from Monday to Friday, but the only team member physically in town is the COO, Heather Allen.  The nature of the job means the COO is often in meetings, out and about speaking to businesses or dealing with issues in the town.

If you need to discuss something specific, it’s always best to call or email to make an appointment so we can make sure we’re here when you need us.


Tel: 01243 256995

Platform 4, The Track, inside Bognor Regis Train Station, Station Road PO21 1QF

Meetings:  Make sure to check the BID’s online calendar regularly for scheduled meetings where you can meet the team and Board of Directors, share your views or help develop projects.  This includes the BID’s AGM, which is usually held in March or early April every year. 


The Community Warden is out and about in the BID Area every day. You can either share your feedback with them directly, or ask them to help you arrange a meeting at a later date.


Through DISC:  If you’re benefitting from the BID’s Crime Reduction Services, you can use the “contact the administrator” messaging function on DISC for crime related issues.

How the BID decides which new projects to deliver: Link to decision making chart.

Thanks for submiiting!

Social Media:  The BID actively engages with all direct messages sent through our social media channels:  @bognorregisbid on Facebook and Instagram. 


Please note that, with such a small team and so many ways for levy paying businesses to contact us directly, our communications policy is not to respond to comments about the BID on other social media pages.

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