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BID Focus for Year Four: Well Known Town

Dynamic engagement with Multi Agency Stakeholder Place Branding Group and drive delivery of Place Branding

BR BID will:

  • Use Place Brand values and filter to assess and delivery projects across all four objectives

  • Work closely with partners to establish strategic roll out, identifying and establishing baselines for KPIs, identification of deliverables and establish timescales for delivery and review

  • Work with partners to create and deliver resources to educate / support those engaging with Place branding

Proactively drive &


BR Town Centre Transformation Team to support existing businesses and attract new businesses & visitors

BR BID will:

• Formally share proposal to drive & co-ordinate Town Centre Transformation Team with wider stakeholder group, including all supporting papers setting out justification

• Formally share BID’s proposals for Town Centre Transformation Strategy with wider stakeholder group


• Invite submission of any other recommendations or ideas from businesses and wider community using HSTF Diagnostic toolkit as framework, and Place branding filter to ensure viable suggestions are aligned with values

Deliver Summer “Space To…” 2 promotion campaign in line with Place branding visuals & values

BR BID will:

  • Work with Marketing Agency to deliver responsible tourism campaign for summer 2021

  • Use Place Branding visuals, most up to date social distancing messages and new imagery to revitalise the campaign

  • Establish baselines for KPIs, using last year’s campaign as comparison

  • Develop wider-reach for social media promotions

  • Identify sources of funding support to offer best value for money for levy payers 

Collaborate with stakeholders & community event organisations to devise & deliver major event for 2022

BR BID will:

• Initiate action to devise an event that aligns with Place Branding values - showcasing the best of Bognor Regis -  with wider stakeholder group, including BRTC, ADC and community event organisers

• Play an active role in supporting the delivery of any agreed event of a scale and quality to increase footfall

Deliver BRINDIES - promoting BID Independent businesses through unique identity & platforms


• Deliver ‘Indies’ media campaign, separate from the BID’s logo’d channels, created and managed by the BID Team, in line with Place Branding values and visuals

• Use the platform to tell ‘stories’ / customer services heroes / public facing and engagement / look to enter awards – give the public a voice

• Deliver all indie business promotions (e.g.: Fiver Fest) through this platform

• Continue to promote businesses’ special offers, news and promotions on BID social media, but driving to BRINDIES channel

Deliver Christmas Experience 2021

BR BID will:

• Develops a new design, aligned with Place Branding values and visuals, for Christmas 2021

• Develop a key "theme" for for Christmas 2021 and share with BRTC at earliest opportunity

• Encourage BRTC to continue their innovative approach to Christmas activities, as per 2020

• Develop in-person engagement activity, subject to guidance on Covid-19 restrictions

Develop and promote the General Market

BR BID will:

(Subject to ADC Licencing Review):

• Continue to bring in new traders, post Covid pitch restrictions

• Offer businesses (e.g. green grocers) the opportunity to deliver from the market, utilising gazebos and market barrow 

• Invest in specific promotion campaigns: banners, develop Facebook page, coach adverts, available poster sites

• Measure impact of trial change from Thursday to Tuesday market, in line with Traders’ requests.  

• Continue with scheduled 1 x weekday and 1 x Saturday market:  Saturday Markets: Saturdays all year, and week day 1 March – End December


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