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Be part of the RE-Generation! Halloween Celebration of BID Businesses

We’re encouraging the community to mark Halloween in a different way this year by getting all of their skeletons out of the closet to repair, renew or recycle them! The BID will be running a fun, online promotional campaign to highlight an important environmental message and connect the public with vital local businesses. Every year, over 2000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated from Halloween, which is horrifying in itself!  We want to show that it isn’t difficult to breathe new life into old things and be part of a wider, circular, social economy.  However, we also want to promote as many different business sectors as we can.  So, whilst around 50% of the campaign will specifically promote repair shops, craft shops, dry cleaners, etc, the other half supports services including accountants, solicitors, hairdressers and white goods.  What we’re going to do: Over the course of the campaign, the BID will promote 22 different business sectors, with a new visual and message each day. The BID’s campaign will run on Facebook and Instagram from 10th October, with the final post on 31st October. A well as our social media pages, the messages will also be posted on our website, and sent via Mail Chimp, to those followers who do not use social media. The BID will tag relevant businesses in the sector being highlighted that day, so make sure you keep an eye on your social media accounts. We’ll be engaging with the community through our social media channels, asking them to share (ghost) stories of back from-the-dead tech, resurrected furniture, or not-so scary-any-more hair do’s! How you can get the most out of the campaign for your business:

  • Follow the BID on Instagram and Facebook

  • Like, tag and share the visuals from the campaign – this will bring more exposure to your business 

  • The more likes and shares, the greater the reach of the campaign. The greater reach of the campaign, the more attention brought to Bognor Regis businesses.  And we all want that ...

Let the RE-vival commence!



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