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BID challenge proposed changes to Two Hour Parking Scheme

The Bognor Regis Business Improvement District (BID) has published details of its formal response to proposed changes to the way the Two Hour Parking scheme is delivered.

With the publication of the proposed changes ahead of an extraordinary meeting of Bognor Regis Town Council’s Policy & Resources Committee next Monday, a BID spokesperson said that the decision to share the Board of Directors’ formal response publicly had not been taken lightly.

BID Director Matthew Reynolds said: “The BID is committed to working supportively and collaboratively with all partners to make Bognor Regis town centre an attractive and viable place for businesses to operate in, and a welcoming and accessible place for people to visit. This is a particularly challenging time for businesses and, as a Board, we do not think that the proposed changes to the way the scheme is delivered, and the speed at which they would be introduced represent the best interests of either businesses or the wider community. Our formal response reflects our concerns about the potential negative impact on footfall by moving to a scheme that excludes payment using cash and is more complicated for people without smartphones to access, without giving the wider community the opportunity to present their views.“

The BID recognises that, along with BRTC's response, this formal feedback to draft proposals as at 09.08.23 will be incorporated in the final version of the proposal presented to Elected Members at the Environment Committee Meeting on 7th September 2023.

Two documents detailing the BID’s formal response to the proposed changes are available to view and download from the BID’s website:



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