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"Picnic on the Place": A new space to enjoy in Bognor Regis!

As previously announced, the Bognor Regis BID is delivering a series of initiatives through the “Welcome Back Fund” . This funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund the government is making available to councils to support the safe return to high streets and wider area to help build back better from the pandemic. It builds on the Reopening High Street Safely Fund allocated to councils in 2020 and forms part of the wider support government is providing to communities and businesses.

We're delivering projects to responsibly attract visitors, brighten things up, help people find their way around more easily and encourage footfall into different areas of the town from the seafront this July and August. We’re also temporarily transforming “Place St Maur” before the long term development starts in the autumn…..

“Picnic on the Place” is a temporary installation of twelve brightly coloured picnic benches, one 15m long bench covered in Astroturf and a giant sofa, also covered in Astroturf. (Yes. I know - it sounds weird, but it looks great and provides loads of extra outside seating. It is, apparently, the longest bench covered in Astroturf in the world….. )

"Picnic Park on the Place" will be here from the first week of July until 23rd August 2021, and it's a great space for everyone to sit, relax, enjoy the fresh air, meet with friends and watch the world go by. We hope that residents and visitors alike will really enjoy the space, and that our small and independent food and hospitality businesses will benefit from this initiative.

As if that weren’t enough, there’ll also also be an eye-catching piece of floor art, drawing people’s attention across from the seafront.

We often hear food & drink businesses who aren’t fortunate enough to have outside spaces comment on a drop in customers when it’s hot and sunny and people want to eat outdoors. We’ll therefore be adding table numbers if people want to arrange to meet up with their friends in an exact location, or to order food delivery directly to their table.

Just a reminder on those important dates - The “Picnic on the Place” installation goes in on Tuesday 29th June, and will be dismantled on Tuesday 24th August.

Kind regards, Heather

Heather Allen

BR BID Co-Ordinator



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