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Bognor Regis BID team update

Dear BID Levy Paying Businesses,

Please click on the button below to read the latest BID update, which shows how we're working to deliver your priorities reflected in the BID's 2023-2028 business plan. It's how we regularly share info throughout the year so you can see if we're doing "what we said we'd do". If you're interested, you can link to the full list of BID Commitments for 2024-25, drawn from the Business Plan, here:

Apologies if this feels like a bit of a long read - the BID is involved in a huge range of projects, some that are really obvious, some you may not realise are funded or managed by the BID, and some that are still in development that you can't see yet. It's been a while since the last update, with this edition covering a four month period between 7th February to 12th June 2024.

Manageable Chunks

You can scroll through the online update, seeing projects grouped under the main BID Objectives, or break things up by clicking on the black navigation icon (bottom right) to jump to individual projects.

No time to read the update? A quick summary from BID COO, Heather Allen:

Since February, the BID Team has completed projects from 2023-24 and been actively working on projects for delivery in the 2024-25 financial year. The past few months have also been a period of adjustment. Changes to the way Arun District Council provide the Two Hour Parking Scheme led to a loss of income for the BID. Sadly, this meant we had to lose our part time Business Liaison Officer post - this was the person that used to go out and about in town, meeting with businesses in person, recording interactions and dealing with car parking discs. As a result, since August of last year, all BID delivery is being delivered by one full time staff member based in Bognor Regis, and one part time staff member that works remotely.

So, even if you haven't seen anything new physically appear across the BID Area since the new lighting at West Street and Seafront Light timers in February, or the installation of the BID-supported, UKSPF funded, national-news-attracting Time Portal at the end of March, if you're not following Love Bognor Regis, calling the majority-BID-funded Community Warden or being supported by the BID's Business Crime Reduction Partnership Officer, you're not using the BID-managed shop radio scheme or BID funded crime reporting app, or retailing the parking discs which are distributed by the BID as a service to ADC... I assure you the Team continues to work on projects that will "physically appear" later this year, behind the scenes!

In this update, there's a more detailed look at the BID Team's work to deliver the tourism website"Love Bognor Regis", so you can see what's involved, and how it ties in to what businesses have told us they want the BID to focus on.

If you'd rather have a hard copy, you can download a PDF of this information from the BID's website here:

The updates tend to be looking back on a period of time that's now over, so to keep in touch with the latest news, opportunities and ways to get involved, make sure you follow the BID's social media channels, and sign up for emails through our website - there's a form on every page:

Kind regards,

The BID Team



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