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BR BID Christmas Campaign: Next Steps

A huge thank you to everyone that's signed up to take part in the BID’s Christmas campaign!

Here's what happens next:

There's been a great early response to the BID's Christmas campaign, and we want to say a big personal thank you to all those businesses that replied by the 11th December deadline. 

We're now working with our partners at Rocket Sky Media to collate all the information on which businesses are taking part in each element of the campaign, and planning the schedule for the advent calendar and "Where's Elfie?" competitions.

Every business that met the deadline will receive a promotional package valued at £350. This includes featuring in one of the 24 advent calendar windows (if requested), a logo on the video and also on social channels and on the website. You'll also receive a free digital business analysis worth £199, and be entered into a draw to win a £200 donation to the charity of your choice, courtesy of Rocket Sky Media. 

As you know, the BID is staffed by a very small team, and there's a LOT going on at the moment making sure that Christmas in Bognor Regis is a really special experience for everyone.  We've therefore asked Rocket Sky to help with communications with businesses for the elements they're leading on in the campaign, and providing details about the digital business analysis they're providing.  This means you will receive a call or email specifically about the BID's Christmas campaign from one of our partners at Rocket Sky, using the contact details provided on the Christmas website registration form. Please be assured that we haven't and wouldn't share any contact details you've provided to the BID for any other reasons to any third parties. 

The BID Team (Clair and Heather) will be using the details provided on the online Christmas sign up form to contact businesses taking part in the Christmas Window competition, and to make arrangements for the "Where's Clarence" photo shoot.  Look out for an email from the BID with full details on Monday 16th November!  


Don't panic - we know there's a huge amount going on at the moment, so we're leaving the sign up form live on the Christmas website for any late entries until Sunday 15th November. 

Spaces are now limited, so we can't guarantee a place on the Advent Calendar, but all businesses that engage will receive the business line audit worth £199.00, and entered into the draw to win a £200 donation to the charity of your choice, courtesy of Rocket Sky Media. 

Register your interest by submitting the online form at:

Not that we're hassling, but .... we don't want you to miss out!

In a perfect world, Clair and I would be able to get out to see you all every week and keep every business personally updated on everything that's going on, and explain all the ways your business can get involved.  However, there are only 1.8 of us, and not enough hours in the day, so we have to convey that information through emails, social media and the BID website!  However, we wanted a way for the BID to be able to reach out in person...and that's where our partners at Rocket Sky come in.

Clair and I have identified a number of BID businesses that we haven't heard from yet, and have asked the team at Rocket Sky to get in touch to make sure you're aware of the opportunities to get involved in the Christmas campaign. 

When we were working on the arrangements back in July, the plan was that the Rocket Sky Team would be out and about in the town centre, popping in to businesses that hadn't signed up by the deadline to encourage them to get involved in person.  However, the second lockdown means that this isn't possible, so we've had to go to Plan B, with the team at Rocket Sky reaching out through telephone calls (using numbers from your business's online presence) and DMs through your business's social media channels.  Please know that any contact they make is at the BID's request, and that your details won't be used for anything apart from this specific Christmas Campaign.  

With our very best wishes, 

The BID Team


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