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BR BID Newsletter: 9th September: Check your plan

What’s happened?

The tightening of the law on social gatherings in the news this morning is a stark reminder that Covid-19 is still with us, and still affecting our daily lives.

Arun District is reporting 13 confirmed Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people in the week 30.08.20 – 05.09.20. Whilst this is one case per 100,000 lower than the average for England, the number of actual cases is up 18% from the previous week. (Source:

Whilst a local lockdown is not predicted at present, we all need to play our part to keep it at bay.

Things you could do right now:

  • Check the Covid-19 Secure risk assessment you carried out before reopening to make sure your business is still doing everything you identified as necessary. Update your risk assessment to show any changes you’ve made in how you operate since carrying out the risk assessment.

  • It’s really important to remember that your business can only be open if you are following the safety and hygiene measures set out by the Government.

  • Make sure any staff are clear on their responsibilities within the risk assessment, and the guidance on face coverings (if it applies in your business).

  • Encourage your customers to follow the law on wearing face coverings if it applies to your business. Whilst it’s not your job to enforce the law, you do need to take responsibility for your premises. Contact the BID Team if you need face-covering signage.

  • Keep up your enhanced cleaning regimes; it really does make a difference.

  • If it’s a requirement for your business sector, make sure you’re collecting contact data to help speed up track and trace if necessary.

Things you could do, just in case:

Prepare for a worst case scenario

This is not scaremongering, it’s a sensible proactive measure to take for your business.

Whilst today’s news is limited to social gatherings, the reintroduction of restrictions in other areas of has extended to businesses. In Bolton, for example, all hospitality for food and drink (restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs) is now restricted to takeaway only.

It is sensible to make sure you’re prepared. We were so impressed at the ingenuity and speed at which so many businesses adapted during lockdown, (whilst recognising that this wasn’t possible for all sectors) so, if you are in a business that could continue to operate under tighter restrictions.....

Make sure your Plan B is ready to go.

1) Check your business’s social media, website and Google listings – make sure they’re showing your current operations and make a list of all the listings you'll need to change if the situation changes quickly.

2) Check your listing – some businesses haven’t updated since lockdown, and are still showing “delivery only”, when their premises have reopened. If you haven’t listed yet, you’ll find full details and instructions here:

3) Have a plan. You know your business better than anyone, and you experienced the impact of the first lockdown.

  • What would you do the same? What would you do differently?

  • Is there anything you’d like to set up or try now, just in case?

  • Could you deliver? Could you offer takeaway? Could you offer online or telephone sales?

  • Is there any information you need to find out, or partners you want to explore working with? Make the time to look into this now.

If you want to talk through ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact the BID Team:


Telephone: 01243 826354

Kind regards,

Heather Allen,

BR BID Co-Ordinator



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