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Business Wayfinding Workshop

Business Wayfinding Workshop - 25th January 2024

Bognor Regis Regeneration Board are hosting a Wayfinding design workshop (at The Track, 6-8pm drop-in) for Bognor Regis businesses.

The workshop offers the opportunity for businesses to:

  • Engage directly with the Regeneration Board;

  • Find out more information on the proposals and projects which are currently progressing in the town through BRRB's membership network of stakeholders;

  • Find out more about the aims of the wayfinding scheme, where it will deliver against shared priorities for the town and why it’s important for businesses, residents and visitors;

  • Give direct design input to the wayfinding project, improving the user experience of the town centre.


For more information about the background and consultation please find below a link to the Executive Summary for the scheme -


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