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💬 Call to action for BID businesses!

A reminder to all BID Businesses that we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to be a part of this year's TASTE! Bognor Regis Street Food Weekend.

We've created a survey outlining all the ways BID businesses can get involved - some will be more suited to your business than others, but every bit of engagement helps raise awareness of this high-quality event, which in turn raises the profile and perceptions of Bognor Regis...which brings more people into town... which raises the profile of your business. It could be a TASTE! cocktail, or ice cream flavour, or burger ... be creative as you'd like! All offers and promotions will be included in the TASTE! promotions.

Lou has been visiting businesses with hard copies of the survey this week, and you can also complete the survey online by clicking the link below. The deadline to complete the survey is this FRIDAY 23RD JUNE.


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