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Day 2 ~ Tricks & Treats for a Boo-ti-ful Smile!

Be part of the RE-Generation!

Teeth like old tombstones?

As part of the Halloween celebration, we will also be focusing on Treating yourself! Let's face it, it's been an interesting year so far ~ so, carving out time (boom boom) for YOU is essential as we head into autumn and the festive period. Look after yourself, whilst looking after these vital local services.

Treat yourself to a new, boo-ti-ful smile or a dental health check in Bognor Regis through any of the fantastic dental practices below:

If a trip to the dentist feels more like a Trick to you - is it time to replace your toothbrush, or rejuvenate those lips with a new lipstick? Bognor Regis has a plenitude of businesses that can help you keep your smile ALIVE!

Superdrug, London Rd

Boots, London Rd

EcoSwap, High Street (East End)

Savers, London Rd

If we've forgotten you or your business - please don't take it personally! In this fast-changing environment it happens easily. Just contact us at and we'll be delighted to add you to any of our campaign posts to help promote your business.


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