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Everyone’s potty about Queensway!

There are some colourful additions to Queensway with the arrival of nine giant flowerpots!

The new planters and sustainable planting are the result of a partnership project between Bognor Regis BID and Bognor Regis Town Council. The BID, which is funded by Bognor Regis businesses, arranged and funded the planters and perennial plants, and the Town Council are responsible for their ongoing licencing, maintenance and insurance. The Town Council also provided all Town Force Team time to manage the transition.

The planters are one of the BID’s “Big Ideas for Bognor Regis”. BID Chairman, Jason Passingham, said: “Whilst our top priority is being there for businesses through COVID-19, making sure they have access to all the information they need, we’ve still been working on delivering the projects we announced for our third year. Covid may have slowed us down, but it’s not stopped us!

It’s fantastic to see the quirky new planters in Queensway – they’re bold and colourful and really add some fun! Queensway is such an important street – not just for the range of fantastic businesses there, but because it’s the access point to three major car parks, and often the first experience people have of the town centre. We hope that the planters really brighten up that experience, encouraging people to stay longer and explore all the other areas in the town.”

The eye catching flower pots have been sustainably planted with evergreen trees, to add colour to Queensway all year round. The BID was delighted to work with the Community Gardeners, who helped make sure the new plants were introduced correctly and provided additional greenery.

Kim Davis of Bognor Regis Community Gardeners said “We’ve been involved with the BID on this project from the beginning, and it’s fantastic to finally see the planters in place! We really welcome the introduction of sustainable planting – it’s so much better for the environment!”

Debbie Simmonds, Manager of the St Wilfrid’s Charity Shop on Queensway said, “It’s great to see the new planters and taller plants going in – they’re really eye catching and will brighten up Queensway!”

The previous grey planters have been temporarily relocated to private land in Bedford Street, and Town Councillors will consider their future at the next Policy and Resources Committee meeting.

On a personal note from BID HQ! Heather and I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Chris, Jason and Jo from Town Force Team, who were absolute heroes in shovelling over nine tons of soil over two days, and helped with every other aspect of this project from start to finish. A massive thanks to Kim, Sue + John from Community Gardeners for your enthusiasm and help in planting the pots with us! And a massive thank you to the businesses and residents of Queensway who offered their support, patience, smiles, help with storage, warm coffees, and positive encouragement along the way!

It was an absolute pleasure to spend two full days on Queensway; which was a hive of activity, and witness how valued the businesses are by visitors to Bognor Regis! Heather and I started work on this project in January 2020, and over nine months later, we are delighted to see the delivery of this project. More to come!!

With thanks, Clair! x



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