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Government’s announcement of additional financial support

Dear BID Businesses,

There’s been the usual delay between the Government’s announcement of additional financial support for some business sectors back in December and information as to how to allocate and manage the grants being issued to local authorities. When everything is set up, the grants will be issued by Arun District Council. This is the ADC web page the application details will be shared at: As you’ll see, the ADC page is currently sharing info about eligibility, but they’re not able to detail how to apply at this stage. The best thing is to keep checking the ADC web page for updates – we’ll be doing the same and will share any other information we receive with businesses as soon as it’s available.

You can also read more about eligibility on the government’s website here, which is the longest link in the world:

We will keep you up to date with any developments if they arise.

Kindest regards, Heather Allen, BID Co-Ordinator



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