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Keep your business in people's minds - even if your doors are closed

Whilst lockdown is a fact for the next four weeks, people really value and want to support local businesses. Make sure you're giving them every opportunity to do that.

People REALLY want to shop locally, but might not know how they can do that during lockdown. It's so important to let your potential customers know how they can access your services if your doors have to close. Help people "see" your business in town. There are still people coming into town to buy essentials and visit banks etc, as well as part of their daily exercise. Capture their attention by:

1) Putting a sign up in a really visible place in your shop window so people can see if you're:

  • open, available by phone, offering click and collect, takeaway, delivery etc.

  • add your email address, phone number and any social media channels you use.

  • strip out any face covering or other Covid-19 signage which isn't needed right now to focus on the "how to find us" message

2) Keep your window displays fresh. Even though you can't let people into your premises, this is a legitimate work activity that cannot be carried out from home. How about starting your Christmas window early?

Help people shop locally ONLINE:

It's a fact that more people are shopping online, so help them to choose to shop online with YOU!

1) Make sure there's a way for people to see what you sell online. It doesn't have to be a fandangled or expensive new website - you could use online marketplaces like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace or Etsy which offer a platform to display what you're selling and accept payment.

Then all you need to do is arrange a set time to be at the shop for people to collect their purchases outside of your premises. There are lots of options for food and drink outlets too, with companies like Deliveroo and Just Eat providing services to get your products to customers.

2) Make sure your website, google listings and social media channels are up to date with details of how you're operating during lockdown.

3) List your business on This is an "online high street" set up by the BID during the previous lockdown so people can find local businesses in one place. We're going to be really pushing the website again, and it'll be referenced in all press releases, public facing communications, the unique Christmas website

The more businesses that are listed, the better the site will be, because all the business information people in the community are asking for and need will be in one place, rather than dotted around on different Facebook posts, or on your own shop website, or on a list somewhere ...

Right now, less than a third of BID businesses that would benefit from being on the site are listed - make sure you're not missing out!

The site is for all businesses - not just retailers, and it's easy to list. The registration process has been set up so that you answer a series of questions, and skip any sections that that aren't relevant to your business. You'll find full guidance on how to list here:

If you've already set up a listing, make sure it's up to date by logging in at:

We've also created a poster you can download to display in your shop window - just click on the image of the poster below to download it.

We hope his helps! Kindest regards, Heather and Clair


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