Bognor Regis BID Term 2: Business Driven, Business Led

Bognor Regis BID’s first term finishes on 31st March 2023, but can be renewed subject to a new business plan being published and a ballot held where every levy paying business has a vote. Ahead of this process, we've consulted with businesses to make sure that what we’re offering is what you want. 



March 2022:  Consultation with Levy Paying Businesses on BID Term 1 performance and priority setting for Term 2


April / May / June 2022: Analysing responses to consultation and developing draft Business Plan for Term 2


July 2022: Consultation with Levy Paying Businesses on BID Term 2 Draft Business Plan, including online and hard copy survey, plus display and four drop-in sessions at POP! Unit


August 2022:  Submission of draft BID Proposal and draft Business Plan to ADC for timely distribution to Economy Committee meeting on 27th September 2022. Following consideration by the Committee, the documents will then be presented to ADC's Full Council on 9th November 2022.

Does ADC get to decide whether there’s a BID or not?

The short answer is "no" - that’s decided levy paying businesses in the ballot taking place on 14th February 2023.  However, the Local Authority does have the right to veto a BID if it hasn’t complied with BID Regulations, is proposing activity that conflicts with local authority policy or proposes a disproportionate burden on particular businesses.  It’s therefore best practice for Local Authorities to have the opportunity to consider the proposals BEFORE the ballot date.  

The BID Term 2 Proposal and Business Plan submitted to ADC and  available to download below are still in DRAFT form, and subject to further development prior to publication to levy paying businesses in advance of the ballot on 14th February 2023.  However, as this DRAFT Business Proposal has been developed following two sets of consultation with businesses, neither the BID’s core delivery commitments nor the legislative details will change in the development of the FINAL Business Plan.

The FINAL BID Term 2 Business Plan will be shared with all levy paying businesses online and in hard copy by January 2023, prior to the vote on14th February, and the more detailed Business Proposal will be available to view and download online.

TERM 2 BALLOT DATE:  14th February 2023

Download BID Term 2 Ballot Schedule