Bognor Regis BID Towards Term 2:  
Your voice matters

Bognor Regis BID Term 2: Business Driven, Business Led

Following a majority vote by businesses that have to pay the levy, the Bognor Regis BID has been operating since April 2018.  Once voted in, a BID operates for five years, delivering against the priorities businesses identified as most important to them and set out in the Business Plan. After five years, levy paying businesses have the opportunity to influence the BID's future direction and vote for a further five-year term. That time is now. 

The type of activity a BID can carry out has to be additional to what local authorities and agencies like the police are responsible for.  During the consultation for the BID’s first term, businesses said they wanted the BID to focus on four main priorities to improve the town centre.  These are:

  1. Well Known Town:  To help improve the perception and image of Bognor Regis

  2. Welcoming Town: To help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and enhance the public realm through cleanliness and appearance

  3. An active town centre at night: To help stimulate the evening and night time economy

  4. Better parking: To make it easier for visitors and staff to park in town

When the BID was first introduced as an idea to businesses, no one could realistically predict how it would actually work in practice.  The priorities identified by businesses was very broad, and the businesses plan included a high number of proposed activities, all to be delivered within a finite budget.  Many of the objectives had been carried forward from the previous Town Centre Management Business Plan from 2014 -18.

With four years of operations under our belts, the BID Team and Directors are now much more knowledgeable about what is and isn’t feasible to deliver within the budget available.  We’re also able to look critically at the work that’s been done to date and, from a BID perspective, see what’s been effective and had the biggest impact, and what hasn’t.

We’ve carried out a number of consultations over the past four years and know that, while progress has been made across all of the Term 1 objectives, businesses' priorities for the town are largely unchanged. However, the impact of Covid has supercharged changes to people’s use and expectations of high streets across the western world, and the ways businesses have had to adapt their ways of operating to meet these expectations. We must therefore, ensure that what we do next responds to business needs in this ever evolving climate.

The Business Plan created for Term 2 has to come from you. After four years of consistent delivery, you now know what the Bognor Regis BID is capable of achieving, and the impact we have been able to have in the town centre on your behalf. Your engagement with the consultation process is absolutely vital for the BID to deliver a proposal that's business led, with activity driven by your needs and your vision for town centre transformation. Developing the Business Proposal for Term 2 takes time, and we need your input from the outset.

What happens next?


The Term 2 viability survey has now closed.  Responses are being analysed and will be used to shape the draft Term 2 Business Proposal that will be shared with businesses for further consultation in June 2022.


TERM 2 BALLOT DATE:  14th February 2023

Download BID Term 2 Ballot Schedule