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Business Rates Accounts:  Have Arun District Council got up to date contact information for you?

The only way businesses are being identified for grants and reliefs is through their business rates accounts. The only way ADC can contact you about reliefs and grants is using the information they have against your Business Rates Account. If they only have your business address, they’re going to have to use the postal system. This means it will take longer to reach you than email, and also means you’ll be tempted to leave the house when it should and could be avoided. The quickest way to check and update your Business Rates contact details, including email and mobile phone details, is to register for an online account for your Business Rates which gives you immediate access to your information. If you can’t register for an online account, please be aware that ADC is receiving a huge number of calls every day, and you will need to be patient if your only option is to telephone them. I’ve tested the sign up process, and it takes less than five minutes. I’ve written detailed instructions to help you – click this link for details and I would be more than happy to talk you through the steps if you get stuck. My number is 07917 692690. Try to be patient if the system seems slow – it could be that, after reading this, lots of businesses are all trying to register at the same time. If it’s really painful, walk away and try again a bit later on. Still waiting for the announcement from ADC, but will let you know as soon as possible

Kindest regards, Heather

Heather Allen, BR BID Co-Ordinator


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