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What is Fiver Fest?

The Totally Locally Fiver Fest is a big celebration of Britain’s fantastic small businesses and shops, many run by families or individuals, but ALL contributing massively to the economy of the UK and the well being of our towns.

Towns and High Streets taking part put on special £5 offers for two weeks: 15th - 29th February 2020, to show the diversity and value of what they sell, and to say thank you to the communities that support them.

It comes from the (now famous) Totally Locally £5 message showing the huge impact of people spending just £5 per week in their local independent shops can have on our High Streets.

An opportunity ...

This is not about just selling £5 things. It’s an opportunity for you to get people through the door who haven’t ever stepped foot in your shop, or who haven’t been for ages. What you do when they get there is up to you.

Don’t worry if you don’t sell a lot of your special offer. It’s not about that (your offer may not be right for everyone, or they may already have one).

Just notice how many more people come into your shop, how many are talking about the campaign and how much press coverage you get.

It’s not about shifting old stock, or stuff you can’t get rid of – you are giving people an excuse for them to explore your town and find out about all the great shops that are there. So make it a brilliant offer! The better it is, the more you will sell, but the more people will think about your shop in the future as somewhere to get good quality, interesting stuff. Some shops even change their offer as they go along, or have a few different ones from the start.

Let your creative juices start running! In need of some inspiration? Here are a few examples of £5 offers:

Jewellery / watch repairs

Daily £5 food /menu offers

Salon / Barber treatments

Massage / manicure offers


A £5 shelf offers

Please note: The Fiver Fest is for independent businesses only. Those who contribute directly into the local economy of their own town. It doesn't include big chain stores, supermarkets or multinational companies. Fiver Fest was designed to 'level the playing field' - to give a hand to small independent businesses.

Have fun! And let's celebrate Fiver Fest, and Bognor Regis' independent businesses!


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