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A Splash of Vintage!

Get Involved! “A Splash of Vintage” : 17th – 19th September

Bognor Regis is going to be buzzing on the weekend of 17-19th September, with a double footfall whammy of the fantastic Southdowns Folk Festival AND visitors for the Goodwood Revival event in neighbouring Chichester. So ...let’s start “a thing”!

Embracing the spirit and fun of the vintage vibe (and stealthily testing the waters for a potential regular annual event!), the BID is encouraging businesses to get creative and go retro for the weekend, with a particular focus on Saturday 18th September.

The goal is to showcase the offer we have here in Bognor Regis with our unique indie businesses pulling together under an umbrella theme of vintage and retro to draw people in! It’s the first time EVER that the annual Southdowns Folk Festival has coincided with Goodwood’s “Revival” event, and we’re hoping that, by soft launching “A Splash of Vintage” on the same weekend, we’ll be able to attract a potentially new audience into town that will benefit the Folk Festival this year, and bring them back in again for “A Splash of Vintage” next year! Win-win!

There are loads of inexpensive ways your business can get involved in “A Splash of Vintage”, including:

  • Dressing your windows with a vintage or retro theme, eg: bunting, clothes, signage, your-business-specific memorabilia

  • Dressing yourselves! Put together a fabulous vintage outfit and wear it at work on Saturday 18th! (Or don a peaked cap, Peaky Blinders style…..!)

  • Putting on a special “retro promo” for Saturday 18th (or the whole weekend!)

  • Playing vintage or retro music to create a vibe (subject to Music Licence, of course!)

  • Featuring vintage cocktails or retro specials on your menu

  • Showcase vintage or retro hair styles / outfits / patterns / and share them via your social media – we’ll give them a boost through our social channels

As it’s most likely only independent businesses that will be able to participate, we’ll be showcasing and promoting everyone taking part in “A Splash of Vintage” under the BRINDIES banner.

If you’re stuck for specific ideas for your business, we’re more than happy to help - just contact us at

And if you’re already hooked on taking part, get in touch to let us know your plans for the weekend – we’ll make sure you’re promoted through the BRINDIES social channels! Email:, or let Caroline know when she pops round!


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