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Day 1 ~ Bring Your Clothes Back From The Dead

Be part of the RE-Generation!

In celebration of Bognor Regis's charity shops, textile shops, laundrettes and dry cleaners this Halloween, we invite you to reuse, repair, revitalise or repurpose your old clothes.

Britons binned £12.5 billion worth of clothes last year, as the rise rise of “throwaway” fashion led to 300,000 tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill.

With the help of local businesses, you can save your wardrobe rejects from landfill and bring them back to life! Or, if crafting (or cleaning) isn't your thing - donate them to a charity shop who will help prolong the life of clothes gone by ... while actively contributing to the circular economy of Bognor Regis. Win-win.

Call to action!

This Halloween, find ways to reduce consumption: reuse clothes that have already been produced, repair garments, upcycle garments into new fashionable pieces or have garments professionally cleaned for a new lease of life.

  • Think twice before buying new and think how you could prolong the life of your clothes instead

  • Donate clothes you no longer wear, no matter what the quality — if they cannot be re-worn the collector/sorters and charity shops will recycle them when possible.

Here's a list of businesses in Bognor Regis that could help you bring your clothes back from the dead ...

Sue Ryder, London Rd

Debra Charity Shop, High St

Brent Lodge Charity Shop, High St (East End)

RSPCA Charity Shop, The Arcade

Scope Shop, Bedford St

Theatre Charity Shop, Place St Maur

PDSA Shop, Sudley Rd

RFFR Shop, Queensway

Panania Laundrette, London Rd

James Dry Cleaners, Queensway

Claremont Laundrette, West St

Share your transformations on social media and tag which business or service supported you!

If we've forgotten you or your business - please don't take it personally! In this fast-changing environment it happens easily. Just contact us at and we'll be delighted to add you to any of our campaign posts to help promote your business.


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