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Day 15 ~ Time Heals all Wounds but Not Broken Watches

Be part of the RE-Generation!

#repair #restore #recycle old modes of time! Or #replace #renew timelines before the clocks fall back tomorrow!

Bognor Regis has some amazing jewellers, gift shops, and wonderful people making the cogs turn for you! Be sure to #shoplocal and #supportyourhighstreet this season!

Polkadot Stripes, London Road

H.Samuel, London Road

Claire's, London Road

James Jewellers, High Street (East End)

Clayden & Co, The Arcade

Reeves and Sons, The Arcade

Nicholas & Co, Queensway

Timpson, London Road

We'd love to hear how a local business has helped repair your treasures!

If we've forgotten you or your business - please don't take it personally! In this fast-changing environment it happens easily. Just contact us at and we'll be delighted to add you to any of our campaign posts to help promote your business.


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