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Day 16 ~ Resurrect your Costume This Halloween

Be part of the RE-Generation!

Some people say the scariest thing about Halloween is plastic waste. An estimated 2000 tonnes of plastic waste (the equivalent of 83m plastic bottles) were generated in 2019 in throwaway Halloween outfits.

This year, could you reuse your costume from last year? Could you recycle old clothes and make your costume with the help of a needle and thread? Could you refresh your costume at a local dry cleaners or laundrette? We think so! And we'd LOVE to see your creations and revivals - share, and tag your masterpieces, while feeling good for doing your bit for the planet. Win-win.

Sue Ryder, London Rd

Debra Charity Shop, High St

Brent Lodge Charity Shop, High St (East End)

RSPCA Charity Shop, The Arcade

Scope Shop, Bedford St

Theatre Charity Shop, Place St Maur

RFFR Shop, Queensway

Panania Laundrette, London Rd

James Dry Cleaners, Queensway

Claremont Laundrette, West St

If we've forgotten you or your business - please don't take it personally! In this fast-changing environment it happens easily. Just contact us at and we'll be delighted to add you to any of our campaign posts to help promote your business.


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