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Day 3 ~ Heel, Soleless, RIPs & Tears ...

Be part of the RE-Generation!

A wise person once said, "If a repair costs less than half the price of new shoes, repair the old ones."

It's hard to say goodbye to a favourite pair of shoes......

Are they sentimental? Do they work with every outfit you own? Do they fit just right and you could walk happily for hours without knowing you're wearing them Would repairing them likely cost less than replacing them? Perhaps a new grippy sole would be wise as we head into the winter months?

Call to action!

Polish, repair, restore your shoes at Timpson on London Rd

If restoring or refreshing your un-wanted shoes isn't an option, why not donate them to a local charity shop? #walkamileinmyshoes Or use them as a new plant pot for your latest succulent? We hear wellies make excellent planters!

However you decide to heel those wounds - remember Bognor Regis has your sole covered with services to repair, recycle, or replace:

#repair #restore #refresh #reuse #rejuvinate

Timpson, London Rd

#recycle #donate

British Heart Foundation, London Rd

Chestnut Tree House, London Rd

Sue Ryder, London Rd

Debra Charity Shop, High St

Brent Lodge Charity Shop, High St (East End)

Cancer Research UK Charity Shop, High St (East End)

RSPCA Charity Shop, The Arcade

Salvation Army Charity Shop, Queensway

St Wilfrids Hospice Charity Shop, Queensway

RFFR Shop, Queensway

Scope Shop, Bedford St

Theatre Charity Shop, Place St Maur

PDSA Shop, Sudley Rd

#renew #repurchase #replace

Clarks, London Rd

Shoe Zone, London Rd

Sussex Shoes, London Rd

Hogans Shoe Outlet, High St

Remember to share your transformations on social media and tag which business or service supported you!

If we've forgotten you or your business - please don't take it personally! In this fast-changing environment it happens easily. Just contact us at and we'll be delighted to add you to any of our campaign posts to help promote your business.

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