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Halloween - The Resurrection!

This Halloween we are encouraging you to mark Halloween in a different way by getting all the skeletons out of the closet to repair, renew, or recycle them! The BID will be running a fun, online promotional campaign 10th – 31st October for a second year to highlight an important environmental message and connect you with the vital shops and services that can help.

Every year, over 2000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated from Halloween – which is horrifying in itself! We want to show that it isn’t difficult to breathe new life into old things and be a part of a wider, circular, social economy.

The campaign will run throughout October and we’re encouraging businesses and members of the public to join in with our sustainable (and spooky) message! Get ready to blow the cobwebs off your social media accounts and start engaging, showing, and telling!

We’ll be asking you to share (ghost) stories of your back-from-the-dead tech, resurrected furniture, or not-so-scary-any-more hair do’s!

How your business can get involved:

The BID will be posting spooky graphic on our Facebook and Instagram pages and tagging in any business relevant to that particular business ‘theme’. If you see yourself tagged, please feel free to share the post, and any photos of resurrections!


TAG /SHARE any resurrections, regenerated, recycled items throughout the campaign, be it a new hair doo, an up-cycled piece of furniture, or a fantastic charity shop find to help share the sustainable message!



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