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Spotlight on Transforming Town

Throughout its first term, the BID has been relentless in its efforts to encourage the agencies involved in the BID Area to work more collaboratively.

Through this partnership approach we’ve been able to deliver projects that neither agency would have been able to achieve at the same speed - or at all - working in isolation. Examples include the partnership with BRTC to install the fabulous planters on Queensway, extending the banner designs to High Street as well as London Road, and working with ADC to deliver the POP! opportunity unit, the new festoon lighting at York Road, plus input on the design and delivery of The Arcade’s colourful window vinyls.

But one-off projects by themselves aren’t enough to make Bognor Regis vital and viable for the future. What’s needed is a really co-ordinated, focused, strategic approach, with all partners - representing the need of their respective businesses, constituents and members - coming together, working on a really clear vision that everyone knows about and everyone can get behind, and then getting on with their part of it to deliver the best outcomes for the businesses and community of Bognor Regis.

Throughout Term 2, the BID is committed to delivering activity that increases footfall to the BID Area during the day and night by working strategically with all of the agencies and organisations with responsibilities for the town centre. We will:

  • Drive strategic partnership working between all stakeholder groups and agencies – Arun District Council, Bognor Regis Town Council, West Sussex County Council, and the Bognor Regis Regeneration Board - making sure everyone’s informed about effective Place Transformation approaches.

  • Support the delivery of businesses’ strategic priorities for the town Progressing effective delivery of the Town Values for Bognor Regis

  • Continue to provide the Springboard footfall counter, plus monthly analysis and reporting to businesses

  • Continue to monitor, analyse and report on occupancy rates and use types to compare Bognor Regis’s performance against national trends

  • Continue to analyse and interpret town centre data against comparative benchmarks and national trends

Supporting delivery of your strategic priorities: Through feedback to the BID, businesses have identified their top five strategic priorities for Bognor Regis as:

1. Changing the way locals and visitors think about Bognor Regis

2. Improving safety / perceptions of safety across the day time and night time economies

3. Better connections between the seafront and the town centre

4. A comprehensive wayfinding scheme

5. Regeneration of the Regis Centre - Phases 1 and 2

We’ve already shown what the BID is proposing to deliver against your top two strategic priorities under the “Well Known” and “Welcoming” Objectives. Realistically, the costs and complexities of the larger scale regeneration projects are way beyond the BID’s budget, scope and remit, so it would be completely misleading to suggest we can deliver them in isolation.

However, these are your priorities so, through our strategic role, we’ll be making sure partners stay tightly focused on the bigger projects, ensuring your voice is both represented and heard, and contributing our knowledge, skills and success at applying for external funding to make sure your priorities are progressed and then delivered to a high-quality standard.



You can read and download the full BID Term 2 Proposal and other documents at:

You can read and download the BR BID’s Business Plan as an e-newsletter at:


You can contact us at any time with any questions about the ballot or the business plan:

Bognor Regis BID: 10 The Arcade, Bognor Regis PO21 1LH

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