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What will happen if there is no BID?

Still not sure which way to vote?

We’ve set out what we’ll deliver in the result of a second BID Term so it’s only right that we make it just as clear what’s at risk if you vote NO.

There are NO OTHER ORGANISATIONS that can fund or deliver the additional projects that Bognor Regis BID does. Effectively you’ll be turning the clock back, with the town and district council delivering baseline services, relying on volunteers from the business community WITH LIMITED TIME AND NO BUDGET TO MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN. You’ve all been there before.

If you vote “NO” the town will lose:

  • Over £1m of investment in the BID Area over five years

  • Tens of thousands of pounds worth of external funding leveraged by the BID

  • Consistent, professional business voice and representation, keeping your priorities at the forefront of stakeholder discussion

  • A positive and enthusiastic partner pushing for a collaborative approach in the development of long-term plans and delivery of projects and initiatives to ensure Bognor Regis’s future as a vital and viable town

  • A flexible organisation with agile decision making that’s quick to respond to opportunities that benefit you, like the Welcome Back Fund and Safer Streets Fund

  • Momentum in delivery of your strategic priorities

  • Additional events, campaigns, and promotions specifically to benefit businesses that bring more residents and visitors into Bognor Regis

  • Co-ordinated promotion of Christmas and other seasonal activity – leaving you with a series of disconnected mini-events and no-one drawing it together

  • Promotion of and information about Bognor Regis reaching tens of thousands of potential customers through print and broadcast media and a range of social media platforms and channels

  • Promotion of the town as a tourism destination through the BID’s “Love Bognor Regis” website and social media channels

  • Regular rotation of brightly coloured banners in London Road and High Street

  • Festoon lighting at Old Town, Station Square and Bedford Street

  • Key data about occupancy rates and footfall to compare how Bognor Regis is performing against other places and supporting your business planning

If you vote “NO” your business will lose:

  • The hands-on, day-to-day, in-town, problem solving, signposting and last-minute-grant-application-support you’ve had from the BID Team

  • A single point of contact and information source on public realm issues like cleansing, parking, graffiti, and anti-social behaviour

  • Access to the data protected tools and services to reduce business crime, including the DISC reporting app, which increases your risk of liability for any data breaches when you use the radio or want to share images of offenders

  • Promotion of your business at no additional charge through the websites and social media channels managed by the BID, including the visitor and community-facing Love Bognor Regis and the BID’s business and community-facing website. That’s a combined audience of around 53,000 potential customers

  • Opportunities for enhanced promotion by taking part in the BID’s focused campaigns, events, and activities

  • Fully funded graffiti removal from your business premises


  • Without the BID’s financial contribution and delivery role, the future of the Two-Hour Car Parking Disc scheme is at risk

  • Without the BID’s financial contribution and management role, the ongoing provision of a focused town centre Community Warden is at risk

  • Without the BID’s commitment and resourcing allocation to co-ordinate logistics and manage promotion, progress on the “Big Event for 2025” will be delayed

  • Without any other agency to manage the General Market, the licence will be offered to an operator with their own commercial priorities

WANT MORE DETAILS? The BID office will be open until 7pm every day this week from for BID Levy Paying Businesses to drop in and ask any questions regarding the ballot process or the Term 2 Business Plan.

You can read and download the full BID Term 2 Proposal and other documents at:

You can read and download the BR BID’s Business Plan as an e-newsletter at:


You can contact us at any time with any questions about the ballot or the business plan:

Bognor Regis BID: 10 The Arcade, Bognor Regis PO21 1LH

Email Heather Allen, BR BID Co-Ordinator:

Visit our website:



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