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BR BID Term 2: Business Crime Reduction Services

Businesses responding to the survey in March 2022 identified activity addressing crime and anti-social behaviour as a priority for the BID in a second term.

Changes to data protection law in 2018 meant that the BID’s Term 1 commitments to “Supporting existing Shopwatch and Pubwatch schemes” evolved into the BID delivering a fully accredited Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP). Without this intervention, any provision businesses had received through the “Shopwatch” arrangements at the time would probably have been lost. Achieving accreditation status means the BID’s existing BCRP evidences robust structures, protocols and practices, and means we can benefit from more detailed information from the Police and other agencies.

Over Term 1, the BID has funded the DISC app (a data compliant reporting and intelligence sharing tool that feeds into Sussex Police’s system) and provided opportunities to meet in person with the BCRP Co-Ordinator and representatives from other agencies on a regular basis. Extra support was introduced in November 2021, and incidents reported through the DISC system are now processed by a third party provider by a dedicated Business Crime Liaison Officer. This BCLO acts as a primary contact point between BR BID and Sussex Police about individual offenders and has ongoing dialogue with the BID’s COO.


In addition to the BCRP, throughout Term 1, the BID – supported by an annual funding commitment from Bognor Regis Town Council – has delivered a five-day-a-week uniformed presence in the town centre as requested by businesses. The Community Warden has proved extremely effective as both a deterrent and as a direct support for businesses, and helped recover tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock.


In Term 1, the BID secured match funding from the Safer Arun Partnership to install new CCTV cameras in areas across the town centre, as well as a monitoring platform hosted at the BID Hub.


There is still quite a mismatch between the level of business crime and anti-social being reported through official channels and that reported anecdotally through social media. Unfortunately this doesn’t provide the responsible agencies – such as Sussex Police – with a clear picture of what’s going on, or the evidence they need to take action and allocate resources.

To improve the effectiveness of the BID’s crime reduction activity, Term 2 proposals include the appointment of a dedicated team member who will be out and about in town working with businesses, the police and other agencies with a specific aim of improving the quality and quantity of reporting and information sharing, plus supporting you with evidence submission.

As well as this direct support for businesses in terms of tools and in person support, the BID will continue to explore all external funding opportunities to support extra, specific initiatives to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

The BID will also use levy funds and staff resources to support businesses and other agencies by looking for and providing CCTV evidence of reported crime affecting businesses in the coverage areas.



You can read and download the full BID Term 2 Proposal and other documents at:

You can read and download the BR BID’s Business Plan as an e-newsletter at:


You can contact us at any time with any questions about the ballot or the business plan:

Bognor Regis BID: 10 The Arcade, Bognor Regis PO21 1LH

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