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Well Known Town: Promoting Bognor Regis as a great seaside tourist destination

Throughout Term 1 the BID has been proactive in promoting Bognor Regis as a fantastic visitor destination. In 2019 the BID we funded the creation of 10,000 non-commercialised maps for visitors, in 2020 and 2021 we delivered two major summer visitor campaigns, and in 2022 we produced two high quality brochures promoting the town to visitors - one focused on leisure, attractions and entertainment, the other showcasing the food and drink sector.

Through the March 2022 survey, businesses told us that one of their highest priorities for the BID was to promote Bognor Regis as a seaside destination to attract visitors.

Based on this feedback, a core delivery commitment for the BID’s Term 2 “Well Known Town” objective is delivering “Love Bognor Regis”, increasing footfall by showcasing and promoting all the positives about the town as a fantastic seaside destination. Using in-house team skills, funding from BID levy and external funding streams, the BID is committed to expanding the perception-changing content and maintaining delivery of this high quality, year-round tourism website and associated social media channels.

A bit of background:

The BID purchased Love Bognor Regis at the end of 2021 and, from April 2022, managed the extensive redesign and rebranding prior to relaunch last November.

Love Bognor Regis already has a significant following across its social media channels and, if the BID secures a second term, we’re going to be building on both the site and the socials to change perceptions about Bognor Regis and encourage more visitors. The website will also serve as a high quality “landing page” for future visitor campaigns and be a major platform to co-ordinate and promote town-wide events.

All levy paying businesses will benefit from a fully funded listing, and there’ll be further opportunities through blog-style articles and guides promoting sectors that are directly relevant to visitors. Non levy payers will be able to advertise on the site at a cost of £100 + VAT per year, which will generate additional revenue to invest in your priority projects.

We know that many of Love Bogner Regis’s website visitors and social media followers are actually from the Bognor Regis community, so we’re also looking to use the site and socials to change perceptions locally by sharing details of the positive developments and proactive partnership working that’s going on in the town, as well as showcasing the full range of businesses that choose to invest here.

Because of the BID’s active role in collaborative partnerships we already collate, synthesise and share relevant information from the various agencies through BID channels, so it simply makes good sense to use this platform to reach multiple audiences.


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